Press Release: Preventing Environmental Contamination With Remote Monitoring

How to Prevent Environmental Contamination With Remote Monitoring Of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Every day, 2 million tons of sewage, industrial, and agricultural waste is released into water worldwide.

In 2021, the Berkeley County Public Service Sewer District in West Virginia exceeded pollution limits 1300 times and allowed sanitary sewer overflow into clean water over 500 times. They were fined $518,400 by the EPA and required to implement improvements to their system, but the damage was done.

King County, home to Seattle, let stormwater mixed with wastewater spill into Puget Sound and was fined $361,000 for it. 

This water pollution is 100% preventable. 

We’ve developed a way for companies to monitor their wastewater treatment plants remotely and catch any leaks, spills, and equipment failures as soon as they happen, preventing wastewater from getting into the environment. 

We’ve already helped companies in the oil and gas industry that previously struggled with wastewater contamination crises. With our intervention, these companies have been able to avoid 100% of potential wastewater pollution, sparing the environment and, ultimately, the people of Greater Houston. 

Industrial companies, like our clients, who are implementing these solutions give us hope that other manufacturing and oil and gas companies will follow suit and do their part to limit environmental water pollution. 

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