Improving transportation and logistics company performance.

Explore the various strategies we employ to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction within your operations.

Temperature & environmental monitoring

IoT sensors equipped with temperature and environmental monitoring functionalities oversee sensitive cargo and perishable goods throughout transportation and storage process.

Asset tracking and management

Our IoT-enabled tracking systems provide real-time visibility into the location and status of vehicles, containers, and other assets to provide real-time location tracking and monitoring.

Warehouse automation

RFID tags, and smart sensors streamline warehouse operations and inventory management processes. We can develop a complete IoT solution, from sensors to dashboards.

Supply chain visibility and optimization

We provide end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations allowing transportation and logistics companies to track shipments, monitor inventory levels, and identify potential bottlenecks or disruptions.

We do the digital part. You enjoy the transformation.

We help companies embrace digital transformation and come out ahead against worker shortages, supply chain disruption, and rising costs. How? By making your operations and physical assets more efficient and effective through the use of technology-based solutions—carefully chosen to solve your specific business challenges.

Why transportation & logistics companies choose our IIoT-powered solutions

Leveraging IIoT, our customers in the transportation & logistics industry are able to streamline operations and make them more environmentally sustainable.

IIoT Integration Services

We excel in developing cost-effective IIoT solutions that are easily implemented. We understand the entire implementation process, from field sensors to enterprise information systems, including connectivity to enterprise asset management.

Outsourced Innovation & Custom Product Development

Have an operational, environmental or safety challenge that is difficult to solve with an off-the-shelf solution? We can help you design a specific and innovative solution, build the hardware and software, and deploy it in your operations.

Machine Learning and Analytics

Leverage your data to gain critical insights into your operational performance and make the most effective decisions in real time. We have the expertise to understand the meaning and context of sensor data and develop custom machine learning algorithms accordingly.

Custom Software Development

For over 14 years, we have been developing user-centered design, which means people enjoy using our enterprise-class software solutions. We're passionate about creating elegant design systems that function and grow as well as they look.

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