The Moonshot IoT System

Our proprietary IoT product created on IBM's Watson and Maximo systems. Moonshot enables fast deployment with advanced IoT integration for most applications. Connect your business to the future with deep insights, real-time asset tracking, and automated workflows.

With Moonshot IoT you'll be up and running faster and with more expansion capabilities than ever before. We've designed Moonshot IoT with popular work flows in mind, making a system that reduces costs across the board while providing all of the power you need.

Asset Tracking & Management

Once you know exactly what your assets are doing, where, and how, you’ll be able to capitalize on their full potential.

Immediate Insights

Beyond knowing what’s going on with your assets, receive immediate insights with a cloud-based integration that lets you adapt and improve.

Rapid Deployment

Based on one of the most powerful IoT backends: the IBM Watson® IoT, deployment is faster and easier, which means you won’t have to wait as long for results.
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An Intuitive, Flexible Dashboard

Stay connected with your data and asset management at all times with a mobile-friendly web application, complete with flexible dashboard.

A Knowledgeable Team

We can implement a Moonshot IoT integration from the ground up or integrate into your current IoT strategy. Our team will provide the support and confidence needed to know your solution is working now and tomorrow.

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