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IoT provides a cost-effective means of gaining unprecedented insight into your operations. Our software integration connects on-site sensors with an advanced dashboard to identify wastewater treatment plant issues before they become liabilities.

Real-time Monitoring

Quickly see the states of tanks, pumps, and other equipment in real-time to detect failure before it happens.

Visual Dashboard

Surface the information and metrics you need to a slick, customizable dashboard that’s easy to scan.

Text alerts

Receive important alerts and updates via SMS text messages. Never get caught off guard again.


Gain valuable insights through current and historical data leading directly to systems optimization.
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We nerd out on industrial IoT.

Timbergrove is an experience IoT integrator, servicing both the hardware and software sides of the system. Need a custom sensor? We can design and build whatever is needed to provide the real-time monitoring of your platform demands.

Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make difference.

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Regulatory Compliance

Avoid heavy fines and penalties from non-compliance with regulatory standards. Receive notifications before sensor readings become critical.

Detect Problems

Real-time insights reveal failing equipment and processes before they become larger, more expensive, events.

Minimize Costs

Minimize repair costs and maximize equipment efficiency by monitoring equipment performance to detect issues early.

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule or automate preventive maintenance to keep equipment running at peak performance.

Improve Decisions

Improve your decision making by leveraging clear and actionable data and trend analysis.

Historical Data

Review data via a cloud historian with storage of all sensor readings & performance data.

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Wastewater IoT sensors monitor 24/7.

IoT sensors can monitor flow, current on aeration pumps, backup power, and overflow tank volume, connecting to powerful wireless networks to provide you with real-time, highly accurate information on your processes and equipment’s performance. We can easily integrate into existing wastewater monitoring systems, provide the sensors, and build your smart wastewater solution from scratch.


Maximum fine per day for violating the Clean Water Act.


Amount Berkeley County, WV was fined for sewer overflows in 2021.


Your wastewater treatment plant is constantly monitored.


If an overflow or non-compliance event occurs, you’ll be alerted early.

Custom wastewater IoT integration

Stay connected with your wastewater data, systems, and assets at all times with a mobile-friendly web application, complete with flexible dashboard that puts the information you care about front and center.

A knowledgeable team

Leverage our years of experience to implement an IoT integration that works. We’ll be onsite for sensor and wireless systems installation and respond quickly when tweaks or troubleshooting is required.

An end-to-end IoT wastewater solution.


We'll take care of networking, sensors, battery power; everything you need to get data to the cloud. And yes, we will come out and install it.


Our turn-key system will monitor real-time data, analyze historical trends, and set up alerts to spot anomalies the moment they happen.


From simple text alerts to automated work order generation, we can integrate with your existing systems and equipment.

IoT platform gives you visibility into your operations

Organize data in an easy-to-use and easy-to-customize dashboard and enterprise-grade application. Create condition-based alerts around custom KPIs that can be used to send text messages or emails to maintenance whenever needed. Using Moonshot IoT, a ready-to-go industrial IoT platform, we can easily integrate into asset management systems like IBM Maximo and help you reach maximum data visibility and accurate predictive maintenance.

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