5 Hard Skills You’ll Need to Find Success in a Post-COVID World

The World Runs on Digital Skills

Since the technological advancements made in the 21st century affect every aspect of life, by now, almost everyone has adopted digital skills. These skills were instilled by using digital devices, communication applications, and remote work platforms. But of course, it would be unwise to assume that people have the same level of expertise. For the millennials and Generation Z who grew up with technology, these skills are now second nature to them. For others, however, they might need to consciously study them.

This became more evident during the pandemic as people lean on technology for daily interactions. So, you have to accept that technology is here to stay, and you need to enhance your skills. For example, cybersecurity and data storage and management are now critical in nearly all industries. You will also benefit from learning how to strategically apply search engine optimization (SEO).

And if you want to stand out and maintain the quality of your work, you can enroll in online learning platforms, both free and paid.

Data Literacy and Analysis

Data is considered a fundamental asset in any business, or even in daily life, as it allows for better informed decision-making. Businesses can predict trends, map out their plans, and adjust in accordance to the needs of their customers and shifts in the market. However, while relying on data can lead to success, it can be rendered useless when it falls into the hands of unskilled professionals.

To gain those skills, get familiar with different data analytics tools at your disposal. Consider taking online courses to help build your data capabilities. Those serious about building a post-COVID career with data can even consider a masters in business data analytics, which can be very useful given the industry’s annual growth rate of 13.2%. These options can help you build your skill sets in areas like data visualization, forecasting and predictive modeling, as well as database principles. These are all crucial areas in our increasingly digitalized world.

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Project Management

Project management goes beyond simply being able to maneuver platforms like ClickUp and Asana. Although you may not necessarily be hired as a project manager, it pays to have a more in-depth understanding of this skill. Whatever your industry may be, this helps in ensuring that every part of your team and organization runs smoothly. It helps you deliver consistent results and improve work quality.

One of the most important aspects of project management is risk management. Of course, not all projects turn out successful, and despite your best efforts, you must always anticipate possible risks. This begins with identifying the vulnerabilities of a project. Once identified, assess the extent of their impact on operations as a whole.

You can obtain project management skills — from planning and scheduling to implementation and risk management — through online project management courses offered by the likes of edX and Coursera.

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Content Creation

With online platforms occupying a significant part of our daily lives, it’s difficult to imagine a world without content creators. The pandemic only pushed this demand further. Any industry you get into — from healthcare to real estate — now demands content creation skills from its employees.

Typically, these requirements include researching, audio and video production, writing and editing, and copywriting and tech support. Luckily, there are countless blogs, videos, and podcasts easily available for both beginners and experienced creators.

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Knowledge of Future Systems and Software

Businesses are now starting to future-proof their operations by implementing innovations like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, and machine learning. However, since these areas are still developing, gaining mastery might not yet be feasible. Still, try to have a working knowledge of what these areas are. Consider what they can do for organizations. It may be as simple as automating a milling machine operation. This will, undoubtedly, be of great benefit as you conquer a post-COVID world.

Towards Post-Pandemic Success

We now have to accept that the world will never be the same. Take this time to develop your skills, be the best version of yourself, and prepare for post-pandemic success.

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