Overcoming operational challenges

Applying modern technology to boost production and streamline manufacturing company operations.

Asset tracking and Management

Our IoT-enabled tracking systems provide real-time visibility into the location and status of manufacturing assets such as raw materials, work-in-process inventory, critical tools, and finished goods.

Quality control and monitoring

We use IoT sensors and machine learning techniques to monitor product quality parameters during the manufacturing process, detecting defects or deviations from specifications in real time.

Energy management and sustainability

We develop IoT solutions that monitor energy consumption and environmental conditions in manufacturing facilities in order to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and sustainability initiatives.

Supply chain visibility and optimization

Our IIoT solutions provide end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations, from raw material procurement to final product delivery.

We do the digital part. You enjoy the transformation.

We help companies embrace digital transformation and come out ahead against supply chain disruption, worker shortage, strict compliance, and rising costs. How? By making your operations and physical assets more efficient and effective through the use of technology-based solutions—carefully chosen to solve your specific business challenges.

Manufacturing companies choose IIoT-powered solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge IIoT, our customers in the manufacturing industry are able to increaase visibility and control of their operations, in order to implement solutions to make them more efficient, while cutting down on maintenance and supply chain-related downtime.

Here are some of the services that make our solutions especially innovative.

Outsourced innovation & custom product development

Have an operational, environmental or safety challenge that is difficult to solve with an off-the-shelf solution? We can help you design a specific and innovative solution, build the hardware and software, and deploy it in your operations.

Machine learning and analytics

Leverage your data to gain critical insights into your operational performance and make the most effective decisions in real time. We have the expertise to understand the meaning and context of sensor data and develop custom machine learning algorithms accordingly.

IIoT integration services

We excel in developing cost-effective IIoT solutions that are easily implemented to solve your operational challenge. We understand the entire implementation process, from field sensors to enterprise information systems, including connectivity to enterprise asset management.

Custom software development

For over 14 years, we have been developing user-centered design, which means people enjoy using our enterprise-class software solutions. We're passionate about creating elegant design systems that function and grow as well as they look.

Helping customers solve their most critical operational challenges.

Asset tracking and management

We aid manufacturing companies in boosting operational efficiency, safety, and compliance with our IoT asset tracking and management solutions. Our technology offers real-time visibility by attaching IoT sensors to assets, ensuring constant monitoring of their location and status. Through data analytics, we optimize asset utilization by identifying underutilized assets and reallocating resources for maximum productivity.

Energy management and sustainability

We excel at helping companies optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability through IoT and machine learning solutions. Our expertise enables real-time energy monitoring, predictive analytics, renewable energy integration, and demand response strategies. Leveraging these technologies, manufacturers can make data-driven decisions, comply with sustainability regulations, and improve operational efficiency in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Supply chain visibility and optimization

Empowering companies to leverage IoT and machine learning solutions, we facilitate data-driven decision-making, supply chain optimization, and agile response to market dynamics and customer demands. Our services include supplier performance monitoring, utilizing IoT sensors and machine learning algorithms to track key indicators like delivery times and quality metrics, ensuring a reliable and efficient supply chain.

Quality control and monitoring

We specialize in assisting manufacturing companies by leveraging IoT and machine learning technologies, alongside practical expertise, to enhance quality control and monitoring processes. Our solutions enable real-time quality monitoring with IoT sensors tracking parameters and addressing deviations promptly. Moreover, our machine learning models predict potential quality issues from historical data, empowering proactive measures to ensure consistent product quality and reduce defects.

Case Study

Remote monitoring & alert system of a wastewater treatment plant for manufacturing company

See how we implemented a smart monitoring solution for our client, a leading manufacturer of tubular solutions, that catches and informs operations of events at their remote wastewater treatment plant so they can intervene, just in time.

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