How smart farm asset management works.

The right solution will optimize workflow management and improve monitoring and performance of existing equipment, by collecting data for predictive analytics and better business decision-making.

It will also come with a dashboard that centralizes and interconnects multiple work fronts and pieces of information, allowing advanced visualization and easy data interpretation for immediate use.

Streamline your farming operation.

Our advanced asset management integration can manage all of your operations equipment, suppliers, maintenance schedules, inventory, and more.

labor costs

Save your workers valuable time on reactively repairing equipment and so they can focus on production and operations instead.

equipment downtime

Automated maintenance workflows keep your equipment in operation, minimizing your need to halt production, losing potential revenue and paying higher costs.

Extend equipment
and asset lifecycle

Automatically scheduled preventative maintenance ensures equipment like combines, tractors, and trucks are kept in optimal condition, maximizing life expectancy.

Automate work
order generation

A lot of time and energy goes into all the moving parts of asset management. You can configure these actions to generate automatically based on the maintenance schedule and inventory.

Increase efficiency to the max.

Transition today to solutions that pay for themselves by optimizing production processes and cutting unnecessary costs.

"Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them."

Haresh Sippy

Smart Farm Benefits

Evolve and adapt with your farm’s growth

Minimize asset failures and extend its life

Reduce inventory and labor costs

Improve safety & risk management

Have more time for crop production

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