Analyzing the problem

Our client, and industry leader in tubing manufacturing, came to us with a complicated problem that boiled down to a simple issue. Their wastewater treatment plant was in a remote corner of their large manufacturing plant, which meant they couldn't easily see or hear local alarms. 

Any equipment failure, like an overflowing tank, a power failure, or aerator failure, had the potential to be missed unless someone happened to be in that part of the plant. 

Small spills could potentially become really big spills. Failures would translate into costly and unnecessary downtime. Environmental contamination could translate into expensive EPA fines. 

Our client needed eyes on that treatment plant from anywhere, and at all times. Or else.

That's where we came in. 

Implementing the solution

First, we assessed their plant, equipment, and recent events in order to identify the best way to monitor the plant. 

Then, we created an IoT-powered remote monitoring solution that measures things like overflow tank volumes, aerator motor failures, and power loss, among others, in order to catch small issues just in time to prevent massive events.

Finally, our team integrated this solution seamlessly into our client's existing physical and digital infrastructure, putting the entire system online in a matter of weeks.


In the end we were able to achieve complete visibility of the remote plant through regular plant updates via a dashboard and email & text messages with event notification in real-time. 

Near real-time monitoring

Our client is quickly able see the states of tanks, pumps, and other equipment in real-time and detect failure before it happens.

Data & system integration

We integrated the whole solution into their existing infrastructure, ensuring a quick and seamless deployment in a matter of weeks.

Text & email alerts

They now receive alerts and updates via SMS text messages and email as soon as something fails, as well as plant status updates every 15 minutes.

Customized dashboard

All data and metrics our client needed to effectively monitor their plant remotely are surfaced onto a dashboard we created specially for them.
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Success rate at preventing massive events.


Owed for regulatory noncompliance events

15 min

Plant status updated every 15 minutes or when an event occurs

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