Timbergrove One of Top 15 Digital Technology Companies in Houston

How magnificent is the business scene of downtown Houston! We’re so proud of this city that has given us so much. It thrills us to no end to be one of the digital technology companies that’s making Houston a tech center.

The article by Builtin looked at 15 tech companies in downtown Houston that “are doing their part to disrupt leading industries such as oil and gas.” As a digital technology company, we were excited to find ourselves on this list.

You can see some evidence of our industry disruption through our project with Petrolink, that was featured in the Huffington Post. Our own TREE™ processing engine helped manage Petrolink’s cloud-based drilling operations alert system, through “Management by Execution”. With this engine, oil and gas companies can make better informed decisions. Through data processing, we’ve promoted cleaner operations, safer working standards, and more effective strategy.

We’re all about disruption here at Timbergrove. We believe that this is how industries grow and improve. As an Industrial IoT and Enterprise Asset Management company we believe that our solutions have let us to pave the way for the greater expansion and evolution in a variety of industries. There’s nothing better than being at the front of this revolution. This acknowledgement just lights a fire for us to push the limits even further!

About BuiltIn

BuiltIn is a news-source for the latest technology, professional development resources and tech industry standards. They also help connect talented professionals to companies that share their interests and values. Their tagline is “Uniting people + tech”. Their tech topics include artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, data science, and IoT. They have some cool content, so check them out!

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