An industrial geek squad* that makes your life easier and your decision making better.

*Are we allowed to say that? I guess we’ll see!

You need your business operations to be more efficient, more visible, and ready for the future. At the end of the day, you need to improve your bottom line, reducing costs, minimizing downtime, and boosting performance.

We build relationships with our clients based on a feverish passion for figuring out how to make things work best and making sure projects work right every time, no matter what comes up during or after development.

It’s technology… but at its heart, we’re a team of humans creating human-oriented solutions to help other humans.

Unless you’re actually robots working to wipe out the human race…in which case we definitely won’t help you in exchange for letting us survive… 😉

Where easier and custom come together to make your business better.

Product Development

Choosing the right technologies to transform businesses into agile and disruptive organizations. See what is possible when process automation, better visibility, and smarter data come together to create effective digital transformation.

This is possible when design thinking and user-centered design come together to create mobile and web apps that solve complex problems, make processes more efficient, and increase visibility into the data that you need to make better business decisions.

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Enterprise Asset Management

Optimizing operations and reducing costs by improving how you manage physical assets. We use IBM Maximo© Asset Management suite to create solutions that enhance the management of assets, services, maintenance, work orders, contracts, inventories, and procurement.

It’s about minimizing downtime, optimizing production, allocating resources more intelligently, and extending the value and lifecycle of assets. It’s about knowing what’s going on in your business and using that knowledge to optimize and improve.

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Internet of Things

Building smarter businesses through the use of Industrial IoT and systems integration. Our Moonshot IoT platform connects and manages physical assets with minimal integration time, reducing time-to-market, and providing business operators with clarity into all aspects of their business.

Our platform can seamlessly integrate into existing operational technologies such as PLCs and SCADA systems so that you don’t have to start from scratch unnecessarily. We’re about being efficient and resourceful.

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We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. See what we can do with technology…but remember, in the end, we are on your side. From one human to another, we’ve got your back.

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