Analyzing the problem

When IBM engaged Timbergrove to assist with the United Airlines project, the airline was dealing with prohibitive processing speeds when updating and syncing their bin replenishment system. This wait time affected maintenance efficiency and had the potential to cause or exacerbate flight delays and ultimately cost them fines.

Upon analysis, we found they were experiencing inconsistencies related to data synchronization between IBM Maximo and the backend system. United required the ability to scale integration and migrate data from legacy systems to IBM Maximo at a faster rate.

United Airlines sought to improve its unresponsive systems, lack of data consistency, and slow processing speeds.

To add to the complexity, the integration carried several interdependencies:

The data model between IBM Maximo and the legacy system could not be homologated

Information flowing between the systems had to comply with existing business rules

Responsiveness and consistency was key to acceptance of the solution

Implementing the solution

Timbergrove's recommended solution for the United Airlines project involved leveraging the existing IBM components, and implementing an event-driven data synchronization solution.

Timbergrove helped United Airlines achieve:

Simplify and enhance the existing IBM Maximo capabilities related to project scale

Resolve the data synchronization issues

Improve IBM Maximo data consistency across the enterprise

Enhance IBM Maximo responsiveness to real-time data changes

Speed up integration time and reduce time required to migrate data into Maximo

Provided a framework for integration that did not required coding.


United Airlines was able to realize improvement in the responsiveness of the systems—and locate each part or tool needed for maintenance—from minutes to seconds. The synchronization of the legacy system to IBM Maximo was successfully implemented while managing the complexities of the heterogeneous environments. Updates from its legacy system to IBM Maximo increased data accuracy, reliability, and timeliness.

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