Timbergrove's Uriarte Named as One of The 50 Most Creative CEOs to Watch

A Creative Tech CEO

A risk-taker and innovator, Ian is never afraid to be the first to embrace a new technology — in fact, he relishes in it. He meets the new challenges presented by our clients with a fresh look every time, finding applications for solutions that previously weren’t possible. Like introducing the notion of cognitive analytics and Watson IoT to enhance a complex Maximo EAM deployment. Or, diving deeper than others would go in exploring the possibilities for an integration project involving diverse, disparate platforms and entrenched legacy systems.

He inspires our team. Daily.

Ian comes into the office with a smile. The culture he has fostered among the team is one of openness and collaboration. And, he works hard to ensure that each new member who joins the team is the right fit for this philosophy and environment. As the Insights Success interview shares, “Ian’s flexibility, teamwork, hard work, and persistence helped his team to overcome the hurdles associated with growth. ‘I approach opportunities and challenges with a win-win mentality, and find this mindset to be key . . .'”

He’s really, really smart. And he surrounds himself with smart people.

He knows his business, and others see this and are drawn to it. Former clients and colleagues approach Ian on a regular basis to inquire about what he’s doing and how they may become part of it. And it’s not just because he’s a fun guy — although he’s that, too (see “inspires” above.) The reasons are numerous, but usually include such descriptors as “incredibly bright,” “he gets it,” “strives for excellence” and “always does the right thing for the client.”

When it comes to building his team, Ian looks for people who embrace his philosophies, and also who are experienced and well-regarded for expertise and leadership in their given disciplines. As diverse as they are in terms of their backgrounds, they share in common the desire to truly understand each customer’s business and getting to the root of the business problem to create the most appropriate solution, as simply as possible.

He solves tough business problems with simple solutions.

Ian loves architecting simple solves for complex business issues. He enjoys unpacking the components of an operational problem and designing the strategy to correct or improve it. One of his favorite examples of this was the integrating a client’s disparate data without disrupting existing delivery of services to customers, and providing a new set of services and capabilities along with a new modern and responsive user interface.

So, that’s a bit of our take on the non-technical side of Ian.

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