Timbergrove's TREE™ Engine Drilling Operations Alert System Highlighted in The Huffington Post

Timbergrove and its client Petrolink, were prominently featured in this 2017 article, How Big Data and Automation of Oil Rigs Could Affect Energy-Sector Jobs, by HuffPost Contributor, Rachel Wolfson. This article provided an overview of how evolving technology in the energy sector is creating a need for a new type of workforce.

Rachel cites a marketing report published in 2017 by Credence Research forecasting the Global Big Data Services Market for the Oil and Gas Industry is expected to reach $33.5 billion by 2023. According to Rachel, energy companies that are reliant on complex equipment for drilling and oil well maintenance, “are particularly well-positioned to benefit from automation fueled by big data technologies.”

This is where Timbergrove and its client Petrolink come in.

Timbergrove was selected by Petrolink to develop the backend engine for its new cloud-based Software. Petrolink is a major provider of wellsite technology to oil and gas companies worldwide. Lee Geiser, president of Petrolink Services, said “Our objective for the MBE was for customers to be able to process increasing amounts of data from drill string sensors and rig operations faster, and be notified when decisions need to be made. Timbergrove and its TREE™ (real-time event engine) technology were instrumental in helping us develop this solution.”

“Because TREE can process millions of records per second, workers can more rapidly and successfully perform their jobs and focus on making the strategic and intellectual decisions that machines can’t replace,” said Ian Uriarte, CEO of Timbergrove. “The purpose of the technology is not to replace workers, but to help them perform their jobs better and more efficiently.”

Rachel sums it best by saying “Based on Timbergrove’s and Petrolink’s revolutionary technology, it’s clear that humans will continue to play an important role in the automation of oil rigs. As a result, the combination of humans and technology has created a more efficient process for oil and gas companies worldwide.” “The people behind the data are still required, a notion that Timbergrove deeply believes in and demonstrates through its advancing technology.” Thank you to Huffington Post for this recognition and thank you Petrolink for choosing us to lead this project.

To read the full article from Rachel Wolfson, please check the link here.

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