Our CTO, Ian Branum, Gives Insight into the State of Timbergrove, IIoT & Cybersecurity

Timbergrove's very own CTO, Ian Branum, recently met with the folks over at Cybernews to discuss the current state of industrial IoT and the importance of cybersecurity.

Here's a snapshot from the interview with Ian:

"Why do you think companies often hesitate to try out new and innovative solutions that would enhance their business operations?

What works today works today. Even though it may not work tomorrow. It is hard to spend money on something that you don’t need today, even if you know you'll need it tomorrow.

What aspects of our daily lives do you hope to see enhanced by AI in the next few years?

The better question is, what aspects won’t be enhanced by AI? Beyond the obvious productivity, accuracy, and efficiency, I look forward to seeing how AI helps our clients. In manufacturing, in particular, AI can streamline production processes and improve the quality of products, making them safer and more efficient.

On the other hand, in software development, AI can assist with automated testing and code generation, leading to faster software development and deployment."

Catch the whole interview over at Cybernews.

For more on securing your business in the cloud, check out this article on cybersecurity.

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