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Incorporated in 2006 and based in Houston, Texas, Timbergrove is a unit of funny, free-spirited, out-of-the-box thinkers who build custom software and product development that solve operational pains for clients.

The professionals develop relationships with the clients based on a feverish passion for creating solutions that work right every time, no matter what comes up during or after development.

Timbergrove aims to create human-oriented solutions to help other businesses. The GoodFirms team approached Timbergrove’s CEO, Ian Uriarte, to know more about its flourishing services

Helping Timbergrove by Giving Direction to the Expert to Grow and Evolve

Ian starts out the interview by mentioning that, as a CEO, he is in charge of maintaining the company’s soul and giving direction to the experts to grow and evolve.

He also narrated the objective behind the commencement of the business. He says that the concept of Timbergrove emerged as a response to the need he noticed in many companies to solve complex problems with high-level technologies. However, Ian wanted to take it further than that. He created Timbergrove as a team that’s genuinely interested in helping the companies they worked with instead of selling unnecessary or unsuitable solutions just to earn more.

Ian further mentions the flourishing services that enable Timbergrove to stand out uniquely amongst its competitors. Timbergrove has successfully developed many apps that have gained critical acclaim and excellent feedback. The app developers produce apps customized to clients’ business models. They start app development only after detailed market research and a study of clients’ business models.

At Timbergrove, the app developers strategically develop apps to connect with the client’s target audience and keep them engaged. The apps developed are up-to-date and based on trendsetting designs that give clients an edge over the competition. They redefine unique marketing techniques that boost user engagement and expand revenue generation.

Moreover, the experts’ team builds a user-friendly interface leveraged with neat ideas to impart seamless mobility for outstanding user experiences.

At Timbergrove, the creative minds map out strategies to use UI kit & media framework with other essential tools. Thus, backed by the team of expert app developers offering robust app solutions endows Timbergrove to lead as one of Houston’s top mobile app development companies at GoodFirms.

Furthermore, the developers also offer clients flexible, scalable, and robust custom development solutions that simplify organizational problems. Thus, availing a better commitment model to represent clients’ brands’ core strength and digital presence in today’s competitive marketplace would soon endow Timbergrove as one of the thriving web development companies in Texas at GoodFirms.

Interview series by GoodFirms with image of Ian Uriarte

In conclusion, Timbergrove caters to clients from manufacturing, insurance (property/casualty and health), healthcare, finance & banking, B2B Commerce, Energy, and Oil & Gas industries. Most of the clients come back for a continuation of services or new solutions. Since the company began offering support services in the last five years, 65% of the clients have been recurrent.

He also mentions that the current customer satisfaction rate is 98%. To maintain such a high rate, Timbergrove’s professionals commit to being excellent listeners when understanding client pains, during the design and development process, and afterward during support.

Many companies solve the customer’s problem, but not what needs to be translated to address their pain truly. It helps the team focus on the industries to ensure they speak the “same language” as the clients.

Finally, Timbergrove’s professionals have very well-defined processes that connect the client at every step. They favor a hybrid agile way to deliver many iterations of the product. This way, there is not a long wait before customers see a solution working. During this process, the motto is, “We work until it works.”

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