Why You Should Consider Maximo Service Management

The Struggles of Service Management

Managing service requests for the use of physical assets in an organization is often an inefficient process. This inefficiency increases rapidly if the organization is a large corporation spanning multiple locations across a continent or around the world.

When there is a great deal of property to manage, it’s difficult to monitor the assets that are in use. Organizations often struggle keeping track of asset locations, much less control of the costs involved. And what happens if physical assets break or stop working? Beyond the costs of repairs, the cost of slowing down or stopping operations can be catastrophic.

With better visibility into physical assets and their lifecycle, you could help your organization better meet business objectives. You could even contribute at a higher level to strategic planning for the future.

An enterprise asset management (EAM) solution allows you to manage physical assets across your organization. How? By providing a means for effectively and efficiently tracking, monitoring, and managing asset performance and usage.

Comprehensive EAM Solutions Help Organizations

  • Improve asset utilization
  • Reduce operational costs & capital expenditures
  • Lower risks
  • Extend the lifecycle of physical assets
  • Improve overall return on investment (ROI)

About Maximo Asset Management

Maximo Asset Management is an EAM solution for enterprises operating on an IBM platform. The software provides real-time visibility into your organization’s physical assets. It achieves this through a configurable framework that integrates data between internal and external applications throughout your enterprise. Maximo Asset Management lets you track activity such as asset location, use, and performance, helping you improve productivity, prevent losses and lower maintenance costs.

Why Maximo for Managing Services

Service management is a function of the Maximo Asset Management portfolio. Service management consolidates the systems in your organization, providing you an efficient solution for tracking service requests pertaining to asset deployment or utilization. It’s also a tracking solution for open service requests, allowing you to update the information on orders in real time while collecting valuable data to use in improving operations.

Maximo service management also enhances the capabilities of the service desk in a number of ways. To start with, it improves communication across the enterprise, helping to verify when services that are requested are actually required. Data collected by the system also helps the service desk establish and enforce best practices for the provision of services.

The service management function is especially useful in managing service-level agreements (SLAs). You can establish SLAs with internal business units and external customers, monitor delivery of service-level commitments, and ensure the services provided support your overall business objectives. Service management is also an extremely valuable tool when implementing escalation procedures. It helps you properly manage resources and ensure commitments are cost-efficiently met. 

Manage maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) costs

Maximo service management is ideal for asset-intensive organizations that need help in managing service maintenance on physical structures, such as office buildings or other real estate holdings. In this capacity, Maximo tracks critical preventive maintenance and repair information. Organizations managing crews of technicians can use the software to optimize routing and parts management, as well as improve planned vehicle maintenance in order to extend asset lifecycle.

In the manufacturing realm, this software manages maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) costs by providing data that helps determine when regular service or replacement is warranted.

Maximo service management automates workflow, which enhances operational capabilities and improves asset utilization. The result is an extended lifecycle for assets. Additionally, operations become more flexible and agile. The software also helps you control spending on assets by improving inventory reliability which helps to reduce costs and ultimately provide a better ROI. Better control of your assets lets you improve your governance and compliance abilities, reduce risks, and improve the safety and security of your operations.

The service management software provides you visibility into your operations through an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Furthermore, it has an easy-to-operate reporting function that uses key performance indicators to help you measure activities and define organizational direction.

In summary, Maximo Service Management lets organizations:

  • See their data in a comprehensible, intuitive way

  • Identify, track, and measure key indicators

  • Control operations more accurately and efficiently, which leads to flexible, agile operations

  • Optimize use of physical assets, including management and maintenance, ultimately extending their lifecycle

  • Get MRO costs under control

  • Improve their ability to stay in compliance and ensure operational safety and security

  • Take the unknown out of operations involving physical assets

About Timbergrove and Maximo Service Management

Timbergrove has decades of experience implementing Maximo Asset Management solutions with the service management function. With comprehensive service management, you’ll experience better control over service contracts and have access to the SLA performance metrics you need when renegotiating terms.

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