Automated Asset Management & Preventive Maintenance: A Must-Have for Modern Farms

Why You Need Automated Equipment Management on Your Smart Farm

You probably need asset management automation and preventative maintenance if you suffer from the following on your farm:  

  • High reactive maintenance costs due to equipment replacement costs and time spent repairing, managing inventory, and generating invoices.

  • Difficulty keeping track of all the different manual and automated processes and technology you’ve implemented or will implement in the future.

  • Lost earnings from inactive equipment slowing down production

This solution is designed specifically for the unique needs of the farming industry. Depending on each use case, we can usually anticipate a 170% ROI in the first year alone. 

How Smart Farm Asset Management Works

The right solution is comprehensive. It will optimize MRO(maintenance, repair, and operations) workflow: improving monitoring and performance of existing equipment, automatically triggering work orders and invoices when equipment needs maintenance, and collecting data for better decision-making.

It will also come with a dashboard that centralizes and interconnects multiple work fronts and pieces of information, allowing perfect visualization and easy data interpretation for practical, tangible use. 

Among other things, this dashboard allows you to:

  • Connect to all the IoT products currently used on the farm, in one place, including smart agriculture sensors.

  • Consolidate the visualization, tracking, and management of your current systems for process automation.

  • Improve current tracking through KPIs information display.

  • Allow your farm to take full advantage of that sophisticated technology you've already invested in.

the internet of things at work in the agricultural industry

What a Potential Implementation Would Look Like

Step One: Data

We feed the system with historical and current data, based on your documented experience, production, inventory, and equipment. For predictive maintenance, we connect AgTech sensors to the pertinent equipment, which provides real-time analysis. 

Step Two: Automate

The asset management platform will automate the generation of work orders, notifications to your team, and coordination with providers according to your maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment and available inventory. 

Step Three: Dashboard

Data, automation, schedules, inventory, and asset tracking will all reside on the platform, accessed via an intuitive dashboard. You’ll be able to integrate other software solutions in use into the platform as well, keeping track of all your technology tools in one place.

ROI and Value for Farms

  • Risk and compliance management

  • Operational quality

  • Business agility

  • Business alignment

  • System consolidation

Smart Farming is the Future 

Emails, verbal communication, and memos aren’t enough to keep up with farm growth. We can help you transition to an asset management automation system that’s easy to use and ready for whatever the future brings your farm.

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