How Do IoT Sensors Improve Safety in Onshore and Offshore Facilities?

When your operations encompass facilities both on land and at sea, it’s a challenge to keep everything running smoothly. The last thing you need is a breakdown leading to a work stoppage—worse still, a breakage that causes someone on your crew harm. Safety is critical in any industry, but particularly so in inherently dangerous industries such as oil and gas or maritime transportation and logistics.

How do you keep your operations hazard-free when you’ve got equipment and people working in multiple countries and varying climates? The Internet of Things (IoT) can help. IoT technology—the use of wireless sensors to collect data remotely—can be applied to practically any situation across virtually any industry.

Here are just a few ways the ability to collect data remotely can improve safety in your operations.

Real-time monitoring

No need to delay critical needs by waiting for information through a daily conference call or the inefficient (and unsafe) use of email. IoT sensors allows for 24/7 data transmission, around the globe, placing information about your operations and networks at your fingertips when and where you need it. With customizable dashboards, you can pull up only the data you need to manage performance and solve problems faster and more accurately.


IoT sensors let you connect assets to monitoring and control applications, helping you see what’s going at any point in time. The ability to monitor your assets and enterprise helps eliminate production interruptions, measure shortages, and ultimately anticipate hazards before they become real problems.

Better analytics

IoT technology can help you get far more value out of your big data through automated tools that let you consolidate and slice-and-dice information. The results let you look for patterns that can help you improve the safety of your operations through activities such as scheduling preventive maintenance and maximizing field tech site visits.

Shared data

IoT solutions span an organization’s operations whether inland or out to sea. Sharing of data across an enterprise, and even with external sources, eliminates silos and promotes synergies that lead to more comprehensive decision-making about safety and other matters.

Remote operation

In some instances, IoT solutions can eliminate the need for workers in remote or very dangerous environments. Running on autopilot can also eliminate harmful operator errors. In addition to improving your safety record, this can be extremely useful in an era when industry is facing historic losses of skilled labor, or when economics force downsizing.

If the safety of your vast organization and its people is keeping you up nights, then IoT is the automated solution that will help put your mind to rest.

Timbergrove Solutions, an IBM Advanced Business Partner, has the experience and expertise to implement an IoT solution throughout your enterprise. With an IoT solution onboard, you’ll see vast improvements in the safety of your organization.

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