The Best Businesses of Tomorrow

are the Smartest Businesses Today

Making your data intelligent and actionable TODAY while ensuring optimum productivity, efficiency, and safety for the FUTURE of your enterprise.


Asset Tracking & Management

Realize and capitalize on the full potential of your assets


Uncover groundbreaking insights that drive immediate growth with a cloud-based platform


Rapid deployment of the most powerful IoT backend — IBM Watson® IoT

Alerts & Automated Workflows

A powerful alert engine that allows automation out-of-the-box with the world's number one asset management solution — IBM Maximo®

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An Intuitive, Flexible Dashboard

Access your data anytime, anywhere, from a mobile-friendly web application. Dashboards are flexible

A Knowledgeable Team

Our seasoned implementation team provides expert support, guidance, and integration to your existing systems. Let the Moonshot IoT platform be your from-scratch solution or a deeply enriching addition to your current IoT strategy.

By 2019, 3 billion assets will be connected and driving business growth and innovation.

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