TODAY is your chance to make your data intelligent and your decisions informed so that your business grows more productive, efficient, and successful for the FUTURE.


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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking
& Management

Once you know exactly what your assets are doing, where, and how, you’ll be able to capitalize on their full potential.

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Beyond knowing what’s going on with your assets, receive immediate insights with a cloud-based platform that lets you adapt and improve.

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Based on one of the most powerful IoT backends: the IBM Watson® IoT, deployment is faster and easier, which means you won’t have to wait as long for results.

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Alerts &
Automated Workflows

Using the IBM Maximo® asset management solution, this alert engine allows for customized automation and alerts, no matter how tricky operations are.

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An Intuitive, Flexible Dashboard

Stay connected with your data and asset management at all times with a mobile-friendly web application, complete with flexible dashboard.

A Knowledgeable Team

Our team provides you with the support and confidence you need to know your solution is working. We can build you a Moonshot IoT platform from the ground up or integrate into your current IoT strategy.

By 2027, 41 billion devices and assets will be connected and driving business growth and innovation.

Will Yours Be?

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