Enabling faster, smoother, and safer worksite and building entrance featuring streamlined, automated check-ins with an easy-to-use tablet kiosk and app.


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Automated Visitor Management
Kiosk + App

Complete with face capture, ID card capture, customizable forms and questionnaires, optional video chat, and custom badge printing. Multiple sites and kiosks are supported.

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Streamlined Visitor
& Employee Experience

Multiple kiosks linked to single or multiple access control consoles and automated processes prevent long lines, manual protocols, and the need for onsite reception staff.

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A customizable questionnaire and configurable rules determine when visitors can be passed, whether oriented towards COVID-19 safe check-ins or any other protocols you need visitors and employees to sign prior to entry.

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Digital Visitor

The digital logbook means you can manage visitors from a central location, making it easy to visualize data, generate reports, get insights, and manage potential infection tracking.

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Smart Check-Ins Work for Any Industry

What do office buildings, clinics, hospitals, hotels, casinos, universities and co-working spaces all have in common? They have a steady stream of visitors, patients, and workers coming and going. These people need to be check-in and tracked- a process that often requires one or more full time staff to manage. Multiple sites mean multiplied resources needed. The Engrafis front desk kiosk and app help you automate the visitor management process, regardless of what kind of visitors you need to manage.

The Engrafis Front Desk Integrates into Your Access Control System

Our app can easily integrate into any building access control system with an available API. This enables you to expand your access management to include employee screenings with our self-check in kiosk and thermal scanner. If you’re a hotel with guest management software, a hospital with patient management software, or an event with guest registration software, you can also integrate with the Engrafis front desk. Tell us about your specific case and we’ll make the integration work.

Experience how the Engrafis front desk makes visitor check-ins faster, smarter, and safer.

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