Analyzing the problem

ExtremeTix struggled with a subpar user experience, especially on mobile devices, leading to lost revenue for both the company and its venue partners. Timbergrove's infrastructure analysis revealed a cumbersome architecture and visibility issues within their codebase, highlighting the need for a modernized, custom infrastructure and software solution.

Implementing the solution

Architecture & Infrastructure Assessment

Timbergrove conducted an in-depth analysis, exposing issues in the existing infrastructure and codebase. Identified a need for a modern, responsive web application to enhance the user experience, especially on mobile devices.

Cloud Migration to AWS

Recommended migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Successfully replicated services into the cloud, ensuring a seamless transition.

Comprehensive Product Development

New product strategy and roadmap with improved redesigned UIUX Addressed not only the frontend and backend but also the entire ticket purchasing process. Implemented responsive design for mobile users, overcoming previous limitations.


We were able to help ExtremeTix with the planning and implementation of improvements to their ticketing software platform, increasing the scalability and maintainability of the platform and improving cost savings and increasing sales.

Enhanced user experience

The modernized web application provided a responsive and user-friendly experience, crucial for users purchasing tickets on mobile devices, leading to increased sales.

Increased performance and cost savings

We integrated the whole solution into their existing infrastructure, ensuring a quick and seamless deployment in a matter of weeks.

Operational resilience

During a critical event, Timbergrove's foresight in cloud replication prevented system downtime, saving ExtremeTix from potential disaster.

Positive customer feedback

Customers and employees alike praised the improvements enthusiastically.
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What our clients have to say

“Working with Timbergrove Solutions has been mutually beneficial for Timbergrove and for ExtremeTix. Having a vendor relationship that is advantageous to both parties results in a natural synergy that leads to project success. Our engagement has grown beyond the original scope to include two additional project initiatives.”

- Tony DiCamillo, ExtremeTix SVP and General Manager

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