Analyzing the problem

Our client faced several challenges, including reliance on an antiquated Windows-based system without a web interface, inefficient shipment processing, inaccuracies in customs documentation, and process opacity for their customers. These challenges led to operational inefficiencies, restricted accessibility for customers, and increased the risk of errors in customs documentation, potentially resulting in financial losses and regulatory issues.

Complex Shipment Processing

Our client manages a high volume of shipments from numerous origin countries, which involves multiple customs clearance regimes.

Worker Attentiveness and Accuracy

Ensuring thorough inspection and accurate verification of shipments by workers at gateways posed a challenge, resulting in undocumented items being sent through customs and clearance documents being sent for non-existent items. These errors resulted in both fines and negative customer satisfaction.

Difficulty in Customer Onboarding

The process of onboarding new customers proved to be challenging, leading to potential delays and inefficiencies in integrating them into their systems and processes.

Limited Data Insights

Despite the availability of data, deriving actionable insights remained challenging for our client, hindering effective decision-making and optimization of operations.

Implementing the solution

To address these challenges, a comprehensive solution was developed, focusing initially on providing a web interface for shipment processing.

Web-Based Interface for Shipment Processing: Developed a user-friendly web interface to replace the outdated Windows system, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in managing shipments.

Software for Managing Shipment Flow at Gateways: Implemented software to automate verification processes at gateways, reducing errors and delays in shipment processing.

Tools for Improving Customs Documentation Accuracy: Developed tools to enhance the accuracy of customs documentation, mitigating regulatory risks and ensuring smoother cross-border shipments.


Implementing the solution has led to significant benefits, including improved operational efficiency, reduced errors (and fines) in customs documentation, streamlined shipment processing, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The solution positively impacted our client’s overall operations, contributing to cost savings, improved compliance with regulatory requirements, and enhanced competitiveness in the shipping industry.

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