Timbergrove's TREE™ engine featured in The Huffington Post

How Big Data and Automation of Oil Rigs Could Affect Energy-Sector Jobs

April 25, 2017

Automation has revolutionized entire industries, from auto manufacturing, to ride sharing, to farming and retail. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that energy companies, which rely on complex equipment for drilling and oil well maintenance, are particularly well positioned to benefit from automation fueled by big data technologies.”  So begins the article, How Big Data and Automation of Oil Rigs Could Affect Energy-Sector Jobs, by HuffPost Contributor, Rachel Wolfson.

Timbergrove and its client, Petrolink, were featured in the article, which discusses the impact of automation on jobs in the oil and gas industry and provides examples of the various types of technology the industry employs, including Timbergrove’s TREE™.  Ms. Wolfson raises the questions, “Will there no longer be a need for human workers in the oilpatch?” And, “if so, what types of workers will still be required for energy-sector jobs?”

As she researched and explored the increasing role of technology, Ms. Wolfson concluded that the oil and gas industry is benefitting in big ways from new tech.  And, while technology is replacing some workers, it also is changing the types of jobs the industry requires. Opportunities for positions in safer and better work environments are on the rise — with roles transitioning from oilpatch jobs to knowledge workers.