When the alternative is expensive reactive maintenance, environmental contamination, and potentially millions of dollars of fines, cloud-based remote monitoring & condition-based alerts pay for themselves in a short time.

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Always Stay
in Compliance

Avoid the heavy fines and penalties that accumulate when in non-compliance with regulatory standards. Receive notifications as soon as sensor readings reach critical indicators, catching problems just in time.

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Detect Problems
Just in Time

Real-time insights into previously undetectable factors and trends let you know in one intuitive dashboard when processes and equipment are failing so you can update and repair them before they become larger and more expensive, events.

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Eliminate Unnecessary
Downtime & Outage

Equipment breaks, operations stall, and productivity halts. Historical trends and real-time analysis inform when to care for and repair systems before problems become emergencies, shortening response time significantly.

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Minimize Repair
& Energy Costs

Timely maintenance and condition-based alerts keep repairs small and avoid the repercussions of larger wastewater contamination and equipment issues, including higher repair costs.

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Wastewater IoT Sensors Monitor and Communicate 24/7

IoT Sensors do the work that people can’t. They are able to monitor flow, current on aeration pumps, backup power, and overflow tank volume constantly, connecting to powerful wireless networks to provide you with real-time, highly accurate information on your processes and equipment’s performance. We can easily integrate into existing wastewater monitoring systems or provide the sensors and build your smart wastewater solution from scratch.

Our IoT Platform Gives You Visibility into Your Operations

Organize data in an easy-to-use and easy-to-customize dashboard and enterprise-grade application. Create condition-based alerts around custom KPIs that can be used to send text messages or emails to maintenance whenever needed. Using Moonshot IoT, a ready-to-go industrial IoT platform, we can easily integrate into asset management systems like IBM Maximo and help you reach maximum data visibility and accurate predictive maintenance.

Discover wastewater plant problems before they become emergencies.

Let’s smarten up your wastewater treatment

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