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Sometimes thinking big creates the Hulk.
Sometimes it creates Captain America.
Our solutions are Captain America.

If you’re in search of custom software, it’s because you need something that is going to do more than just work.

You’re looking to improve asset and performance visibility, collect smarter data, make processes more efficient, and ultimately reduce costs.

We both know that a one-size-fits-all software solution isn’t going to do all of that for you. We pride ourselves on creating custom, user-centered software that leverages design thinking and user experience, always with the goal of solving your complex business needs.

And why us? Because even Captain America needs the rest of the Avengers for backup. Maybe your product development team isn’t scalable or lacks the technical know-how to efficiently develop the quality product you need. Maybe you haven’t had luck outsourcing. Maybe you just need a more agile team that can reduce time-to-market, deliver on budget, and pivot with you when needed. Either way, we’ll help you get it done.

Will your custom software save the universe against Thanos? These are weird times…anything can happen.

Here’s exactly how custom software leads to better decision making

Design Thinking

This design methodology is basically the scientific method for product and solution development. We use design thinking to ensure our solutions are driven by human needs, improved in brainstorming, prototyping, and testing sessions, and constantly improved in iterative cycles as new issues arise. It drives our “work until it works” philosophy.

UX/UI Design & Prototyping

No matter how the wheels and cogs fit together, if your user interface isn’t intuitive, effective, and easy-to-use, it won’t work. Our UI design method follows a User Experience approach, which involves several steps from user research to prototyping and user validation to ensure the design will accomplish its objectives.

Data Analytics and BI

Feel confident making decisions based on actionable data that comes from software solutions that track assets, alert you of equipment deviations, and predict operational performance… or just about anything else you need to know in order to stay on top of the game. We love a challenge.

Systems Integration

Maybe you need a hardware solution that fits your needs and budget or you need to integrate with your existing hardware components. We make it work whether you need simple text message alerts or automated work order generation. Our focus is on being scalable and adaptable, taking advantage of the cloud and virtual server technology to best integrate.

Web and Mobile Application Development

The right custom software won’t just make your business ready for the future. It will put you on the side of the disrupters, the change-makers, and the great. We help you turn both your dreams and business challenges into web and mobile apps that will give you greater operation visibility, higher quality insights, and the ability to reduce operating costs.

DevOps and Cloud Operations Management

At the heart of DevOps is continuous delivery. At the heart of continuous delivery is a need to shorten time-to-market and dev delays. We bring experts in business, development, and operations together to streamline IT with automation, cloud, and agile strategies. It’s about seamless teamwork and boosted productivity.

What makes our product development team stand out?

Small, nimble, agile team

Countless hours creating complex software solutions

Creates Human-centered user experiences

Works side-by-side with you, our client

Doesn’t believe in band-aid solutions

Gets to the root of the problem

We work until it works

Solutions we’ve created for you

Depending on your specific software and hardware needs, you might need a completely custom solution, or you might benefit from one of our specially designed creations. The point is that we will work with you to figure out what will work better for you.

What’s the difference between Hulk and Captain America?
Captain America has it all under control.
Just like you will with your operations.

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