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The right approach and best technology for your Business Process Management project

Business Process Management (BPM) historically has been considered an IT function. However, in recent years, it has increasingly become the responsibility of business users — and for good reason. When business stakeholders have limited involvement in project design and development, projects naturally reflect a technology-centric focus. BPM is successful when a collaborative approach is taken, and both business and technology stakeholders participate in the solution design, development and on-going optimization.

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We can help transform your organization into an agile business. A business that can adapt faster to the changes in the marketplace. A business that innovates and executes faster. A business that manages processes and cuts through complexity.

An agile business makes better decisions because it has access to relevant and updated data. It uses process automation and better web experience to improve customer service and increase satisfaction. It utilizes tools to empower employees to drive process improvement and allows for collaboration to be the springboard of innovation.

The Timbergrove Way

Our process includes a collaborative approach to BPM discovery, design and development, execution and refinement. We have found that when organizations embrace this process, BPM projects are more successful and BPM solutions yield a higher business value. We work with your lines of business for analysis and implementation in the following areas:

  • Business Planning and Alignment
  • Process Discovery and Analysis
  • Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA)
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Collaborative Development and Operations
  • Cloud Computing Enablement

Timbergrove employs IBM software products such as WebSphere Process Server Lombardi Edition to implement BPM initiatives to create a framework for business transformation and operational excellence to take place.

We provide the tools you need to achieve business agility and attain operational excellence

  • Collaborative environment
  • Visualization and operational management of multiple platforms and business units
  • Real-time visibility and control for in-flight BPM processes to rapidly identify key bottlenecks in BPM execution
  • Built-in administrative functions to quickly respond to changes in process performance
  • Ability to understand and predict process performance through scorecards and dashboards to aid in on-going process optimization
  • Comprehensive reporting and predictive analysis
  • Aggregation and presentation of information from the BPM solution as well as other internal and external sources, including B2B solutions, third party applications, and other middleware components, such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint

Our team at Timbergrove has spent thousands of hours helping our clients reduce complexity, align IT investment with business priorities, embrace change and agility, and deliver exceptional web experiences for customers, suppliers, and employees alike.