Tyler Morris

Software Engineer - Full Stack

Tyler started his career in software engineering in the incredibly predictable field of film production and visual effects.

As with many creative folk stereotypes, he served in the US Marine Corps Reserves while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Cinema from San Francisco State. As with many tough Marine stereotypes, he worked as a VFX artist in Hollywood. All jokes aside, Tyler left the Marines in 2010 after proudly serving two tours of duty and finished his degree in 2012.

That is when he started shifting more into software development, coding an augmented reality mobile game and developing a world leading video streaming service. At Timbergrove, Tyler is a full stack developer who genuinely enjoys coding in his free time.

When taking a break from being a computer nerd, Tyler goes back to being a film nerd as he works his way through the hundreds of thousands of movies in the world on his personal quest to watch every movie ever made. Want to earn bonus points with Tyler? Mention your favorite bad 80s horror film. You’re welcome.