Shanie Johnson

QA Tester

Shanie was always interested in the World of Tech. She grew up working in the family textile business, but was always fascinated by technology, choosing to study JavaScript in her free time and dabble in game development with Unity.

In 2018, Shanie was introduced to AWS and was hooked. It didn’t take long for her to obtain the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate in 2019 and later the AWS Certified Solutions Architect in 2020. At Timbergrove, Shanie is the resident QA Tester, though she’s kind enough to help with various AWS tasks as well.

Outside of work, Shanie is a collector of knowledge. Usually you can find her taking a course or learning something new. To relax, she prefers to spend time with family or go out and hike or cycle. She is a self-identified “HUGE soccer fan”. In soccer terms, that means either she won’t miss a game OR she’ll stop talking to you if you’re from the wrong team…