Kat Andersson

Marketing Goddess - Copywriter

Kat is the kind of person who can’t sleep 8 hours, cook a complete meal, or run around the block without thinking of some clever phrase or idea. She’s been creating and writing stories since she was around 6 years old. Since then, she’s evolved from her premiering book, Allie the Bear, to writing the websites, blogs, and social media for clients ranging from New York hotels to London Chinese Medicine vendors. 

As with many adopted technologists, the tech world snuck up on Kat. Starting in 2016, when she didn’t know the meaning of DevOps to present day, when she still doesn’t know the meaning of DevOps (kidding), she’s been studying, interviewing, and writing about technology. 

Which brings her to Timbergrove. Since 2020, Kat has been in charge of fitting in as many jokes as Ian will allow her into the website and developing the marketing strategy and content. If it’s in English and sounds good, then Kat probably wrote it. (And yes, she’s currently having a lot of fun writing about herself in the third person.)