Ian Branum

Chief Data Scientist - Solutions Architect

Ian graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1991 with a bachelor’s in Computer Science. Immediately thereafter he entered the United States Navy as a logistics officer and served three overseas tours, in Japan, Italy, and Iceland. After seven years in the Navy, Ian left active duty and returned to school, earning an MBA from Cambridge University. After eight years overseas, he returned to the US and eventually settled in Houston, TX.

For the next twenty years, Ian pursued a career in the IT world, off and on, sometimes as a consultant and sometimes as a part of a startup. He has focused on solution architecture and delivering revolutionary applications to enterprises in health care, transportation, and energy sectors.

During this time, he took a two-year break to earn a law degree from the University of Melbourne and completed a three-month bootcamp in data science. He also did several stints back on active duty, served a year in Germany as Director, Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration, a year in Iraq as the Network Engineering Branch Chief, a year in Djibouti as Chief of Staff, Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa, and two years in DC as Deputy CIO for Navy HR.

Ian re-joined Timbergrove, after an eight-year absence, and is currently the Chief Evildoer.