Debbie Karns

Project Manager | Mistress of the Scrum

With a father in accounting and a brother who lived and breathed tech, the rebellious Debbie naturally leaned towards the world of artists and photographers early on. With a strong desire to help people, she went on to pursue a long career in the medical field, working her way up from a chairside dental assistant to the Executive Assistant for the Department Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The University of Virginia.

However, growing up with one of those rare giant Mac computers and a techy family did rub off on Debbie, who eventually accepted her inner closeted geek and left the world of medicine for something more innovative and technological. Looking for a dynamic, creative team, she came to Timbergrove, where she now resides as the Project Manager and is known affectionately as Darth Deb for reasons very few are privy to. 

In her spare time, she can be found redecorating, experimenting with odd recipes, or exploring outdoors. Debbie is passionate about hiking or backpacking on the slow days and biking or kayaking when the need for speed hits. She has also done enough driving, road tripping, and wandering to impress even Forrest Gump.