Carla Saavedra

Director of Operations

Carla believes there is nothing better than being an architect, unless it’s working in business management. Alas, she was taken by the dark side fifteen years ago and has been working in strategic management and business management processes ever since. Her professional life is less about building foundations and more about strategic foundations that generate competitive advantage for businesses. 

What Carla brings to business is creativity. She likes to think her background in conceptualizing processes and thinking creatively makes her a better Operations Manager. And indeed, she has participated in a wide range of business process and company structure improvements for several companies in both the tech and non-tech worlds. 

When she isn’t transforming business processes, Carla can be found making the most of the Costa Rican sun. There’s nothing she loves more than enjoying a glass of wine on the beach at sunset, unless it’s seeing everyone updating their task statuses on ClickUp.