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Sigfox provides us with a widespread digital network and access to hundreds of devices already able to connect to their network.

Sigfox Digital, Global Network

Sigfox helps us connect our physical devices and sensors to their digital network with 1.1 billion people, 70 countries, and 5 million km² covered under their global 0G network

Ready-to-Connect Devices

800+ Devices that are ready to integrate into the Sigfox network makes our IoT projects easier, faster, and cheaper.

Software-Based Communications Solution

Sigfox’s communications solution is software-based, which means the network and computing is managed in the Cloud, instead of on the devices themselves. This solution drastically reduces energy consumption and costs of connected devices.

An Emphasis on Security

Security is a priority with Sigfox technology, coming with devices first and supported by radio technology. All communication between base stations and the Sigfox Cloud is secure, robust, trusted, and scalable, using HTTPS encrypted interfaces.