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IBM technology has helped make the world work better and smarter for more than a century. Timbergrove is proud to offer expertise in these products.

Maximo Asset Manager

Manages assets such as production, infrastructure, transportation and communications on a common platform, allowing organizations to share and enforce best practices, resources and personnel.

Asset Management

IBM Maximo uses AI and analytics to manage and maintain assets, optimize performance, extend the life cycle of assets, and reduce MRO costs.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor assets remotely, powered by AI, enables enterprise-level data aggregation and visibility, scaled operations, remote detection of issues and anomalies, speed resolution with configurable drill-down analysis, rapid, affordable deployment, and an extensive IoT foundation.

Predictive Maintenance

By creating solutions using IBM Maximo, we are able to predict when assets will need maintenance, which reduces MRO costs, increases production, and optimizes the efficiency of existing assets, which in turn extends their usability.