Core Values

Here at Timbergrove we insist on these four core pillars. Continual communication with clients and internally, simple solutions, engaged stakeholders and constant iteration.

Continual Communication

Our rule of thumb: it is always better to over-communicate. Lack of information – or backtracking to find it – wastes time and money. We keep our team and, more important, our clients up-to-date.

Simple Solutions

Simpler is always better. To optimize user satisfaction, we push to minimize confusion and risk by creating simplicity in our recommended solutions. It’s also the way we like to communicate.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders have the final say on the value of our work, so they must be engaged throughout a project’s lifecycle. What better way to gain feedback on a project’s direction and progress?

Change Management

Change is the only constant, as they say; therefore, it must be managed. When organizations implement change, it should be managed to mature delivery and product quality with no shortcuts.