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About Us

Innovation does not come from infallible machines.

Imagine a factory...

Now, in this factory, you’ve got a machine that repeats itself all day, pushing out products that are perfectly uniform in every way. No deviations. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to work.

But that’s not how your solutions team should work.

You want your software team to be imaginative, passionate, quirky, and, yes, a little fallible- because that’s how we learn, adapt, and improve.

You don’t want the guys in the boring office churning out the same result over and over again. You want the visionaries who are hungry to test themselves against the next challenge.

We are a team of funny, free-spirited, out-of-the-box thinkers that create things that sound like they’re from a Scifi movie: automation, IoT, UX, AI, ML, etc. But we add something that robots don’t have yet: creativity.

At the end of the day, do you want cookie-cutter or do you want imagination?

Your Future Problem-Solvers

Our Tech Buddies

Sure, we could do it all on our own, but why go through that when these incredible folks have such high quality and handy products and tools ready to go?
Think about it like this. The restaurant could go out and milk the cow, but your milkshake would take a lot longer to get to your table.
The right partnership helps us reduce time-to-market on your solutions so we can focus on other improvements. You don’t want to wait all day for your milkshake, do you?

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IBM technology has made the world work better and smarter for over a century. We're proud to offer expertise in these products.

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Amazon Web Services allows us to deliver comprehensive, reliable, scalable, and budget-friendly solutions “in the cloud”.

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We deliver customizable solutions using Liferay’s adaptable, integrated digital experience platform (DXP).

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Digi devices and platforms provide solutions for almost any kind of connectivity requirements our projects might call for.

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Partnership with Sierra Wireless helps us connect our client’s devices to their expansive global cellular network.

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Sigfox provides us with a widespread digital network and access to hundreds of devices already able to connect to their network.